Whiskey infused beer

Whiskey infused beer is a thing and it is fantastic. Combining two of the greatest things in existence, here are whiskey infused beers. Here are delicious barrel-aged beers that showcase a wide range.

ABV Blue Bottle coffee-infuse bourbon barrel-aged imperial porter if . Choose your flair by clicking the (edit) button directly above. This 11-percent blonde Belgian ale is aged six months in chardonnay barrels, which infuse the beer with French oak tannins and a mil sweet . Whiskey producers big and small are narrowing the gap between craft beer and whiskey by either distilling .

While old-time brewers didn’t have the choice to opt out of wood storage, today’s beer makers have options. Central City Red Racer Stout – Jameson Whiskey Infused a Stout beer by Central City Brewers + Distillers, a brewery in Surrey, British Columbia. Innis Gunn is a brewing company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Brewed in Glasgow at Wellpark (CC Brewery), established in 20its beer. Bourbon Casks and Over Bourbon-infused heartwood in specialty . Whiskey infused Oak Cubes in Secondary Beginners Beer Brewing Forum. Scottish brewer Innis Gunn is tapping into one of the hottest drinks trends right now with the launch of a Bourbon-infused beer.