Thermal paste laptop

A few weeks ago I experienced a problem with Flash Player causing my laptop to shut down due to overheating as CPU usage spike at the utmost. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to easily replace the thermal compound on your laptop! My Samsung Series Chronos laptop malfunctione so I decided to give it some much needed attention.

For me changing the thermal paste wasn’t much of help for the temps. Although you must know my laptop is fairly new and the paste is still fresh . Application of thermal paste is essential to keep the processor cool and happy. Follow this general guide to reapply thermal paste after removing a heat sink or .

I changed thermal paste few times, but I think is still hot. Last response: September 1 208:AM in Laptop General Discussion. Applying thermal paste on a laptop CPU is going to be a difficult feat, you’ll need to disassemble it open to the motherboard which in itself is . Persistent overheating after applying new thermal pasteberichtenokt 2011Notebook-overheat maybe redoing heatsink and.

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Replacing the thermal paste wont improve performance unless the.