Stand up desk

Sitting all day is generally a bad idea, and standing desks can give you the flexibility to stand and move aroun and leaves you a little freer to . Explore our full catalog of standing desks, sit-to-stand desktop converters and stand up desk accessories. Get all of these benefits and more with a Standing Desk from Stand Up Desk Store, and improve your health immediately.

Ultimately, one of the best ways to reduce sitting-related issues is to stand up now and then. Standing desks may provide a long-term solution, addressing the . It’s simple really; our goal is to offer high-quality products at . Build Your Own$2SmartDesk: The World’s Best Standing Desk, Period. Add-in Accessory Kit or Voice-Activated Assistant.

After hours testing three new standing desks, the Fully Jarvis is our top pick; if you can’t get it, the Uplift offers similar options and stability. So the 28-year-old founder of Crew, a startup that pairs clients with Web designers, built his own standing desk from Ikea, laid a yoga mat on . Based in Austin, Texas, UPLIFT Desk is the leader in fully-electric, height adjustable desks since 200 offering a full suite of ergonomic office products.