Ram heat spreader

Is it true that unless you are doing some sort of overclocking that the RAM with fancy heat spreaders from companies like G. Find great deals on for RAM Heatsink in Computer Memory and Chipset Cooling Fan. If you overclock and use RAM intensive tasks, more heat will be produce but generally heat spreaders may not be of any benefit to common .

Some forums say that RAM Heatsinks can make the RAM Perform faster, while in others, they say that it is completely useless. RAM Heat Spreader – Motherboardsberichtenjan 2013Do heat spreaders on low profile ram work. Well I’m going to buy this ram stick, but then people said on my other thread that the heat spreader on the ram stick might cause issues with . Big heat spreaders can also interfere with you trying to put an air cooler on your CPU.

I’d try to get ram with heat spreaders but small ones. LED LCD TVs, digital cameras, electronics, unlocked phones, office supplies, and . Increase the reliability of your system by cooling down the memory. Improve RAM performance and avoid system crash by dissipating access RAM heat.

SKILL Value RAM, which doesn’t have a heat spreader. I found a good looking aftermarket heat spreader kit for .