Posca paint pens

De verschillende maten paint markers van uni posca met natuurlijk de vele kleuren zijn ook goed te gebruiken als marker voor op hout, of verf streken op plastic, . Met de Posca reeks heeft Uni-ball een unieke reeks paint markers (verf markers) op de markt gebracht. De PC-5M reeks is een medium verf marker, met een .

These opaque felt tip markers can write on a variety of surfaces including plastic, metal, woo glass, plaster, canvas and more. Uni-posca Paint Marker Pen – Extra Fine Point – Set of (PC-1M12C): Office Products. New Video and the start to my new part series on How I use Posca Paint.

Posca Paint Markers – Contains Non-Toxic Water Base Paint.

Mark on metal, woo glass, plastic, plaster, canvas and more. Find great deals on for POSCA Paint Pens in High Quality Pens and Markers. Vibrant and opaque, Uni Posca paint markers are excellent for crafting and making signs and posters.

Waterproof ink works well on a wide variety of surfaces.

Write on paper, metal, glass, wood and plastic with Uni Posca PC-5M Poster Colour Markers. Uni-posca PC-1M Paint Marker Pen – Extra Fine Point – Set of 12: Amazon. The Posca is a water-based marker which produces opaque, vibrant colour and writes on paper, plastic, glass and fabric. Widely recognised within the artistic . Posca PC-17K extra-broad chisel tip is the member of the Posca range designed for experts. Posca paint pens, the artists choice for water-based paint markers that can be used on all surfaces and have . The opaque, waterbased ink in Uni Posca markers dries to a matte finish on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Used by creatives from students to street artists, the opaque Posca paint pens are incredibly versatile. With a huge range of colours and a selection of nib sizes . UNI POSCA COLOUR MARKER PC-1MR PAINT PENS EXTRA FINE NIB TIP. UNI POSCA PC-8K FLUORESCENT MARKER PAINT PEN CHISEL TIP NON . Not surprisingly, because of their versatility, Posca markers, have garnered a lot of positive attention from artist and painters worldwide.