Also piezo ceramic, PZT transducers and actuators. Japanese efforts in materials research created piezoceramic materials competitive to the United States materials but free of expensive patent .

For actuator applications, ferroelectrically soft piezoceramics with low polarity reversal field strengths are used. Ferroelectrically hard PZT materials are primarily . Piezo-electric Working Principle, Perovskite and Polarization.

Piezo-electricity is based on the ability of certain crystals to . CeramTec piezo-ceramic materials SONOX P SONOX P50 SONOX P5and SONOX P5are used in sensor applications and are characterized by . Based on the in-house expertise in vibration characteristics of piezoceramic material and micro-acoustics, Sonitron succesfully developed Piezo audio Speakers . Sheet stock for building piezo transducers and devices. Off-the-shelf piezoceramic materials, piezoelectric actuators and sensors, custom designed piezo transducers, ultrasonic devices, and high voltage amplifiers.