Peli case alternative

I know Peli cases are good and you get what you pay for etc. In this quick video I look at a great alternative to a Pelican Case for knife storage. Does anyone out there have any experience with hard cases that are a bit cheaper than a Pelican?

I’m not nationally touring, so I don’t think I. Another inexpensive watertight case is made by Seahorse Case. These often are priced at of the cost of a similar size Pelican case. Anybody know of any makes of plastic instrument cases that are cheaper than Peli or Seahorse?

I’m looking for one more to put a Cobra 18RĀ . Can anyone remember the name of the other supplier of Peli-style cases? I’m thinking about using a Peli (or type) case for a watch in the futureĀ . Pelican 12Case Alternative Size – x x 4. Pelican Case Alternative CaseCruzer KR1410-vs. Pelican 14Case Alternative Size – x x 6. I plan to take 8xDorf and suitable case for that is Pelican 1650. The disadvantage is, it’s too heavy – 16.

I would like a hard case but it doesn’t have to be water proof.

Does anyone know an inexpensive alternative to pelican?