Moving skates

The RSN industrial, low profile skates are ideal for moving moderately heavy loads in the construction, mining and steel industries. Machine Skates and Machine Moving Skates manufactured by high quality industrial brand Steerman and Raptor products Heavy duty load moving skates from . Moving Skates for ISO container transport.

Easy Container transport with HTS ECO-Skate moving system. Machine Moving Skates, Great Deals On Load Moving Skates. Made In Germany Available in UK Call For Advice.

Perfect heavy lifting, machine moving capacity tons to 2tons.

Skate Size: Various Kit Contents: roller skates, turntables, packing plates, steering handles, link-up bars, one draw bar and one . GKS Lifting Moving Solutions provides high quality heavy duty dollies, jacks, skates pumps. Load moving skates are mechanical handling equipment used to transport heavy machinery and other items in the work area. Your skates however do not have a suspension system and the load moving skates are not attached to the load. So when the load encounters an uneven . Our moving skates are made of steel and are primarily used for the in-house transport of heavy loads.

Home shop machinists often run into the problem of trying to move heavy equipment around in their garage. Hire Moving and Shifting Skates from Brandon Tool Hire, the moving skate hire and shifting skate hire specialists. Load Moving Skates are robust systems for professionally moving heavy goods.

Call our sales team for more information. Move heavy equipment and machinery with our custom dollies and moving skates. HSS Hire – Do your own machinery moving in the tightest quarters with our high quality all steel skate sets. T Individual Fixed Skate 3T Steerable Skate). Designed primarily for moving in straight lines.

Non-Floor Damaging Dollies, Steel Chain Roller Skates, Confined Space Rotating Dollies, Poly Roller. Tandem Roller Dollies for the moving of uneven loads.