Molex fan controller

Case Fans- 4pin, 3pin, molex – Componentsberichtenjuli 2012Case fans into molex connectors from PSU. Fan Controller with 4pin Molex connectors. Controlling fan speed through 4-pin molex. I have a 120mm and a 140mm fan that I need to control in an antec 3black illusion case, and I need to do it cheaply. How to connect case fans to power supply?

Kan ik de molex aansluitingen van mijn fans verbinden met de kabeltjes van mijn fan controller? This will help you undervolt them to make them quieter. I was wondering if there is a way to control the speed of the fan through some sort of adapter even if I can only set it . Products – Search for PIN MOLEX FAN controller on Maplin.

Return Policy:You may return any new computer purchased from Amazon. This instructable should help you build a simple speed fan controller for any 12v. I recently switched to a new case, and it has a 120mm front inward fan and a 60mm rearoutward fan but Im having problems with them, I want to .