Houten bakken xenos

Edelkrone slider plus Vcamera slider te koop. De slider gaat 2x zijn eigen lengte waardoor hij heel compact en makkelijk mee te nemen is. I purchased the original Edelkrone slider just months before the release of V2.

The Edelkrone 3′ SliderPLUS Pro has a unique design that allows it to have a sliding range of nearly 3′ on a 2′ frame, making it the ideal slider for travel. Here’s yet another MoCo (motion control) module from Edelkrone that adds additional functionality to your SliderPlus+ video slider. The all new Edelkrone Wing is a camera slider without actually being a slider as you know it.

Delivering immersive user experiences for the new media realm.

SliderPLUS PRO Large from edelkrone uses the same unique tracking mechanism found in the SliderPLUS V which allows the rails of the slider to . Slider dający razy większy zasięg przesuwu kamery niż tradycyjne slidery o tych samych rozmiarach. Slider może zostać zamontowany na statywie lub stać .

How do you make a slider smaller and more portable without losing travel distance? That’s exactly what edelkrone figured out how to do with . You want the slider as short as possible when you have to carry it around. A perfect companion to my DJI Inspire 1. The movement of the camera in an Aerial shot makes the footage.

In this video I show the Action Module from Edelkrone, I show what comes. This is a used like new Edelkrone Slider Plus in great conditions. The 24” (61cm) SliderPLUS VMedium from Edelkrone is a DSLR slider that uses a unique tracking mechanism that allows the rails of the slider to move with . Edelkrone advertises their SliderPlus as the first slider you can fit in your life, and for my life, that’s 1 accurate.

Edelkrone SliderPLUS VMedium (ft) The first slider that you can actually fit in your life! You want the slider as short as possible when you have to carry it . It was just under a year ago that Edelkrone announced their original.