Hand lettering tools

So you’re excited about Learn Lettering, and now you’re interested in the tools! While I do reveal my instruments here, I can’t stress enough that . I have been hand lettering for about four years, and it takes time to find the right tools for you.

Some artists stick to just pencils, and others are all . I share with you tools used for lettering ranging from pens to brushes that I use on a daily basis in my body of work. Al een hele tijd had ik het idee om een artikel te schrijven over handlettering, maar ik vond dat ik er eerst een stuk beter in moest worden . Using the right tools can help make hand lettering a lot easier.

If it’s your first time to dabble in this art, you don’t have to go all out and spend a . When I first started lettering, I used what I had—some plain ‘ole printer. If you have a steady hand and patience, then you’ll love this pen. As I began lettering, I wondered about all the tools artists were using.

Now that I’ve worked with many different tools and media, I’ll share the . Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of hand lettering or you’re an old. Artful Lettering: Tools and Techniques for Discovering Your Style.