Block pallet size

Standard size (L × W) = 8mm × 12mm. A listing of the different pallet sizes and types available for CHEP customers – pallet. B4840A, Timber Block Pallet North American Standard (x inches) . Companies and organizations utilize hundreds of different pallet sizes around the globe.

All stringer and some block pallets have unidirectional bases, i. In the United States industry, the standard size wooden pallet is 48” x 40. Timber Block Pallet North American Standard (x inches), 12x 10x 141 .

A Must be equivalent to PECO and CHEP block pallets (in structure and performance, per these specifications). Een blok pallet wordt opgebouwd uit verschillende delen en bestaat uit een bovendek, tussendek, onderdek en de blokken die de dekken verbinden. The best known kind is the wooden Euro pallet from EPAL, size: 1x 80.

Block pallets being the ones of 1x 1centimeters. Learn what are pallets, size and dimensions, Types of wooden pallet and. Block pallets are typically used for heavier loads, because more support is . The standard pallet size in the United States is 48′ x 40′.

Block pallets are typically stronger than stringer pallets.