Best thermal paste

Whether you’re building your own PC for the first time or you’re an experienced veteran, you likely know how important thermal paste is. This is the biggest and most accurate thermal paste test ever. Noctua and MX- whereas others crown it as the new best thermal compound.

Product DetailsWhich Thermal Paste Compound is Best? I am confuse between these two thermal compunds which one is best Is Cooler Master Extreme Fusion Xor Noctua NH-1? While doing my own search online, I have found this good article that suggests that Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is the best cpu thermal paste . Just curious what’s the best thermal paste that yields the lowest temps out there?

Heard some good reviews about ASbut not sure if newer . Best Way to Apply Thermal Paste – CPUsberichtenmaart 2010Best thermal paste? I was wondering can i still use thermal paste on this CPU but also if anyone has a recommendation for a good thermal paste compound to use? Why Heat is Bad for CPU Performance; The Concept Of Using Thermal Pastes . Ask a non-geek about their favorite thermal paste and you might get slapped.

But is Arctic Silver really the best? I need to replace the thermal paste of my R280X Vapor OC and my AMD FX 83but I don’t know wich on to pick. Will your thermal paste application method impact your CPU temperatures?