Aidata tablet stand

Shop for various universal stands which ergonomically fit iPads and other major popular Tablets by Aidata – distributed by Logic3. Aidata US-10(Black) Universal Tablet Stand for most 7~10. Tablets; Lightweight and portable, Easy to attach and detach; Easy to attach and detach, Spring . The tablet holder is built with an adjustable spring clip that fits most – tablets, from the Kindle Fire to the iPad iPad iPad , iPad Samsung Galaxy, .

Universal Tablet Multi Function Stand for Most 7-Tablets included Apple’s New iPa iPad Air, iPad Mini, Samsung’s Galaxy, Motorola’s Xoom and HP’s . Ergo Vancouver AIData Universal Tablet Stand product information page. AIDATA Universal Tablet Mount for iPad and – Tablets – Duration: 2. AIDATA Universal Tablet Mount for iPad and – Tablets Get yours from.

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